The Gift/Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Are Your Priorities Straight?

American Christianity has become distorted. We treat Jesus like a genie who can grant us 3 wishes.

You have a purpose on this earth

It is to glorify Jesus with the gifts and talents He has given you. If we are not operating in that way we need to step back and reevaluate. We have to understand that this life is not about “me” it is about God.

God is the source of everything including my finances, so I tithe, because I’m not afraid to give to Him because He’s the source of everything. The Holy Spirit will give us more because we want to glorify Jesus in everything we do. God is looking for people who will say, “God, I will do what You want me to do.” The Holy Spirit allows us to be a bridge that leads people to God the Father and connect people to Father God.

The Holy Spirit is part of the gift of salvation

He sets us free to bring us before the King. We have a life free to follow after God. It is not freedom to do whatever we want. (Hebrews 12:1)

The Holy Spirit wants to come and fill you with power. The Holy Spirit is here to glorify Jesus. Praying in Tongues is one of the connecting tools of the spiritual life that goes beyond your natural thinking. It’s not meant to make us look good. It is a tool that helps us be mighty in the hands of God. Tongues are a language that goes beyond natural words. It is a way to express the beauty of God when we run out. The Holy Spirit says, “Let’s go beyond your natural ability. Let’s go deeper.” It allows you to connect with God on a deeper spiritual level. Our Prayer Language is between God and us.

Paul said, “I pray in tongues more than you all.”

Jude 1:20 says, “But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit,”

This means praying in tongues.

When the Holy Spirit comes, He comes with gifts. He is the very presence of God come to live in us. We are the temples; we are the buildings He wants to fill. He gives us gifts, equipment, and things to help us connect with God on a different level. This is why it’s foreign, different, to you.

The Holy Spirit is real but He operates in the spiritual realm where things are unseen. He wants to move in ways that are unseen. We access this through faith – believing things that go beyond our natural mind. Our natural thinking is limited. The Holy Spirit wants us to experience who God is in different ways. He wants to teach us about the different characters of God.

 As interpreted by Cherry Mayola, assistant to Pastor Matthew

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