Pictures of Grace

The Grace of God means “God’s equipping for a purpose.”

The Bible shows ways grace is given to us. These are like weapons or tools to accomplish different things. People who are older in Christ can handle more sophisticated tools.

Marriage is a picture of God’s grace. Marriage is there to make us holy. It chips away rough edges and allows you to grow spiritually, in character, in patience. The things He’s working in, He’s also working for.

Put God first! This year, get a Bible reading plan. Reading the Bible shouldn’t depend on how we’re feeling. There is equipment in there for things you’re praying about. Our will, not our emotions, should be making the choices for us. Pray for God to lead and guide your will, or decisions.


The enemy sets up traps that capture our emotions. Learning to let go will set us free. Fasting helps us let go of things we are holding onto.

The children of Israel and people in the Old Testament fasted and prayed during times of crisis. David, Esther, Nehemiah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Cornelius, and Paul all fasted.

Hebrews 12:1

“Let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares.” We focus on getting sin out of our lives. If you want to stop sinning, spend more time with God! You’ll have less desire to do what is wrong. A “weight” is something that’s not necessarily wrong, but are things that keep us from spending time with God. What are the things we’re pursing? The prize of our lives is Jesus.

Fasting helps kill the “lordship of feelings.” The spirit should be king and rule things in our lives. Our mind, will, emotions (soul) or flesh can pull us different directions.  Fasting breaks that cycle.

Daniel 10:2-18 describes a type of fasting. Daniel decided to humble himself before God and an angel of the Lord appeared to him.

Fasting isn’t about denying yourself. It’s about supplying yourself. What’s getting in the way of your supply – or relationship with God.

When we humble ourselves, God gets bigger and we get smaller. God is worth every bit of our pursuit. Partner prayer with fasting.

Matthew 6:16 says, “When you fast.”

Why should anyone loose weight? To be healthy and live longer. You realize there’s something that’s holding you back from getting you where you need to go.

Why fast? Think about the benefits of being in spiritual health. You can hear from God and you’re able to help others.

What is slowing down your spiritual life? It could be your physical life. Putting that in God’s perspective, consider that being in physical shape  can help you have more energy for serving God.

Matthew 16:24-25 “Deny yourself” things that slow your walk toward God.

Don’t walk when God has called you to run.

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