Fast in Take

Why Fast? – Some reasons for fasting.

Fasting means denying ourselves and supply ourselves.

Hebrews 12:1-2

Fasting allows us to lay aside sins and run to God. Fasting isn’t a commandment, but it is a key/secret.

Fasting is an accelerator. Matthew 3 says, “When you fast…” Fasting is supposed to be part of our faith.  Daniel fasted and prayed.

Luke 22:42: Jesus spoke these words before He was betrayed, accused, arrested, and went to the cross. He says, “Not my will but yours.”

Why fast? It aligns your will with God’s and takes away our focus on self-preservation.

Why fast? Because Jesus fasted. In Luke 4:1-15, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness and He was tempted. He went into the fast filled with the Holy Spirit and came out in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Why fast? Because God’s power follows after suffering! Fasting allows you to find partnership with the Holy Spirit. We can’t fast to twist God’s arm, but He seems to take notice of people who sacrifice for Him.

Why fast? It humbles you and there are promises for the humble.

God wants us to do things in His power. You can’t have a God sized vision without God.

God gives more grace (equipping, empowerment) to the humble.

Why do you want to be healed (in physical/emotional struggles)? A higher purpose than the one we’re thinking of is that our healing is for God. (“God, I can do more for You and this illness holds me back from serving You.”) Pray for healing with the focus on serving God in greater way.

Why fast? It breaks the control of your flesh and soul over your will (decision making process). We are made up of: flesh, soul, and spirit. The flesh craves food (i.e., sugar, caffeine) and it begins to take control of our decision making process.  Fasting builds your faith faster than anything! Your flesh begins pulling on your soul (mind, will, emotions).

Why fast? To gain control over yourself and your decision making process. You can’t give God something you don’t have full control of. Fasting is a sacrifice and sacrifice is an act of worship. God helps you in every step of the process. Our minds and our own logic tell us that “we know better.” Is God directing your dream/aligning your will with God?

James 4:1-8 God gives grace to the humble, therefore submit to God! Draw near to God and He will draw near to You.

James 4:17 – Sins of Commission (things that we do) and Sins of Omission (things that we don’t do) are higher level stages of Christianity.

Why fast? Because there is a promise for the humble. True humility is confidence in God. My desires get smaller and God’s will gets bigger. We begin to see how great God is. God is faithful with our everything.

Why fast? Because we love God.

Why Fast? Because it refines us. Things get difficult and emotions emerge. Suffering means doing without, not something being take away from us. We become more pure in God’s eyes.

Why Fast? Fasting is an act of worship and turning to God.  Fasting is an act of surrender.

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