A Walk through Ephesians

Ephesians 5:1-14

We’re doing a walk-through of the book of Ephesians. The Bible can be confusing so our goal is to help you understand the book.

The book of Ephesians has a lot about unity. One thing I like about our church is diversity. God wants us to be coming together in unity.  [Ephesians 1]

We’ve all be children at one time and the relationship between parents and children is very important. You’re going to see that relationship in Ephesians 5. There’s a lot of terminology: parents, children, father, son in Ephesians 5:1-14.

This book was written by the Apostle Paul to the church of Ephesus while he was in jail.

I want to highlight a few topics:

Verse 1: Be imitators of God as dear children…

How many of you imitated your parents when you were children? Sometimes my kids try to walk in my shoes or say the things I say, or how I say it. Sometimes kids repeat things we say as parents. They are looking to you as an example. As children, we look to our parents as models. This verse says, “Let’s me imitators of God as dear children.” It puts a smile on my face when my children follow my example.

Who are you imitating? How do you know who you’re imitating? Look at what you’re doing and you’ll see who you’re imitating (i.e., actors, your boss).

Verse 2: …And walk in love…

How many of us are imitating God and walking in love? If we can truly see God, we can truly see love. Some of us have a distorted view of God and see God as a God of judgement who will crush us if we do something wrong. Are you firm with your kids? Are you always firm? Do you want your kids to think of you as a harsh judge? No.  God wants us to see Him clearly. He asks certain things of us, not to hurt us, but to bless us. He says, “No” to us to protect us.  He wants us to see what will happen if we go in the direction He doesn’t want us to go. He wants us to live an adventure and there’s a satisfaction that only God can give me.

…As Christ has loved us…

I know for a fact that Christ loves us. It is a real and living thing that applies to you – Christ has forgiven the filthiest of sins. He completely erases our sins, all we have to do is ask, and we’ll be forgiven. We can’t wipe away our sins with our good actions. We only get to heaven by asking Jesus to erase our sins – He took all the blame for us.

Verse 3: …Sin must not even be named among us…

Sin does not meant fit members of the family of God. Don’t be conformed to the world’s image – God’s created things to fit us as children of God. We received a new identity so we can see and imitate who He really is.

Verse 4: …Let there be thanksgiving…

Would you do certain things if Jesus was sitting in same room with you? What about your natural parents? No. Our heart is to please our parents. Instead of course (crude) talk, let there be thanksgiving. Thankfulness is a secret weapon. How many of you have things to complain about? We naturally look at negative things. Do you want to spend time with people who only point out what’s wrong with you? No. God sees what’s right – the gift He put in each one of us. Thankfulness is recognizing a different road God has paved for you. All good gifts come from God.

God wants to keep giving us good things even when we’re not thankful. God has given us things we’ve forgotten about.

Verse 5: …Inheritance…

Who does an inheritance belong to? Children. We all put things before God in our life (idols) – money, sex, things we want, our own desires. The things we imitate are empty unless we are pursuing God.

Prayer with gratitude makes your prayer time much more powerful.

You don’t see people pretending to be drunk or drug addicts, but you see people pretending to be Christians. There’s something they (hypocrites) see in Christians but they don’t know how to get it.

Verse 6: …Let no one deceive you…

The religious leaders of Jesus’ time were supposedly the most holy but they were faking it because they didn’t have a relationship with God. God hates hypocrisy.

God wants our entire lives, not just a moment. Our sins are forgiven? Why? Because we have an appointment with Him after our sins are forgiven.

Verse 7: …Don’t drink from that cup…

Dead religion teaches us to say “no” to bad things. If we’re in the dark, we’ll go to things in darkness. Don’t be so focused on the thing that you’re supposed to say “no” to. Instead, say “yes” to God and seek after Him.

Verse 8: …Walk as children of Light…

Change happens when the light comes on in people’s lives. A child does not want to disappoint their parents. Pursue God and find out what is acceptable to Him (what makes Him smile). You can please God by loving Him, spending time with Him.

Verse 11: …Take no part in unfaithful works…

Sometimes we have a moment of clarity. God want s us to see Him instead of focusing on the junk in our lives. God wants us to focus on the light.

Verse 14: …Wake you who sleep…

When we’re asleep we don’t see what’s going on. Open your eyes to see God is here! See something that you didn’t see before. God wants you to see Him and stay awake to Him. Don’t let fake Christians stop you from letting Him be real to you. Keep the light on and you’ll see how He’s been working in your life.

As interpreted by Cherry Mayola, assistant to Pastor Matthew

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