He grew up in Allentown Pennsylvania.  His mother is a native from Puerto Rico.  He went to Bible college in California.  He has had various mission trips to different parts of the world as well as within his local community of Allentown PA.  Currently he resides in Allentown with his beautiful wife and his three daughters.

He has been the Senior Pastor at Allentown Victory since 2010.


Currently the Address for the Church is:

1901 South 12th Street,
Allentown, PA 18103




This site serves as a :

1. Blog

2. Question and answer page- Like a Dear Abby site

3. Avenue for Counseling can be anonymous if you want Also we will eventually have other people on this page that you can email your questions too. For example you might want to ask a female type question ( dont ask me, no seriously dont ask me haha ) ask another woman, and we will have the names of some of the women we know that can tap into the wisdom of God for your situations. We will have some other men too :). But in the meantime, ask away.

Our church (AllentownVictory.com) has many avenues for fellowship, but sometimes we might not be able to get to some of the deeper questions or issues you might have, so if that is the case, this could be an avenue to thoughtfully communicate your questions. If you do not come to our church, feel free to ask too! This is not limited to our church. So come and have a cyber sit down with Pastor Matthew.

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